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Discover Managed Disk Snapshots

Managed disks brought  a number of benefits to Azure VM’s over thee previous method of manually managing storage accounts used for VM disks. One of these features that is often overlooked or misunderstood is snapshots. In this article we’ll explore what benefits snapshots give you, and how to use th

Virtual Network Service Endpoints

It didn’t make it into todays Ignite Keynote, but today Microsoft released a preview of a new Azure service, Service Endpoints. It is now possible to take  Azure services that have previously only had public endpoints, and restrict these to only allow access from a specific virtual network (or multi

Setup Storage Replica in Azure

In my last article we discussed the various different options for providing SMB shares in Azure given the lack of shared storage. One of the options we discussed for this was using a new feature of Server 2016 – Storage Replica, and in this article we will take a deep dive into how to setup this up