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WTH is Azure Lighthouse?

Confused by what the new Azure Lighthouse service is, and what it's used for? All will be explained, succinctly and to the point.

Azure AD Connect and The Trouble With Expired Passwords

In an on premises world, with Active Directory, password expiry is easy. Set the required policy for your domain, make sure it’s applied and forget about it, AD will take care of enforcing password changes and compliance with your password rules. Moving your identity to Azure complicates things, and

Azure AD Directory Service - New Features

Back in November I published an article on Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AAD DS), detailing some of the limitations of the service and what it is and isn’t intended for. If you’ve not read that I recommend going back and reading through that first so this article makes sense. Since this ar

Azure for the AWS user Part 1 : Identity

I’ve seen a few forum questions lately from AWS users who want to (or have to) use Azure and whilst there are a lot of similar services in either platform, the new user experience and terminology can be very confusing if your used to AWS. This article is the first in a series of posts that I’m hopin

Azure AD Domain Services - What it is and isn't

The AAD DS team has released new features that mean some of the limitations in this article are no longer present. Be sure to read my update on this service to get the latest information. Azure AD has always been a little bit confusing to new users of Azure, the name implies it’s a cloud version o