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What is an Azure App Service Plan and what does it do?

A web app in Azure actually consists of two things, an App Service Plan and an App Service, what is not always clear is why they are two things and what the purpose of the plan part is. The App Service is fairly easy to understand, it’s the actual instance of your web application, it’s where you dep

Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics - When to use which

Monitoring your  resources is vital to being able to detect issues or opportunities for performance improvements. When it comes to Azure the monitoring story can be a bit confusing with multiple different services seeming to offer similar or related solutions. In particular there is often confusion

Using Terraform with Azure - What's the benefit?

If you’ve been to any cloud or devops conference or meetup in the last year, you’ve probably heard about Terraform, the Infrastructure as Code tool from Hashicorp, it’s been one of the big talking points of the devops community for some time now. Terraform is a proprietary language for creating infr

Discover Managed Disk Snapshots

Managed disks brought  a number of benefits to Azure VM’s over thee previous method of manually managing storage accounts used for VM disks. One of these features that is often overlooked or misunderstood is snapshots. In this article we’ll explore what benefits snapshots give you, and how to use th

You can help improve the Azure Documentation!

When your learning a new technology, like Azure, documentation is key and find inaccurate, out of date or just plain wrong documentation is incredibly frustrating. Microsoft have taken an interesting approach to this issue by storing all Azure (and many other MS services) documentation sources on Gi

Building an Infrastructure Pipeline Part 3 -Build

Don’t forget to check out the other parts in this series: Part 1 – Version Control Part 2 – Testing Part 3- Build Initially this might seem like a bit of an odd topic, “Build” in a software development process usually refers to the process of compiling an application and preparing it for distributi