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Azure Instance Metadata and Scheduled Events

Earlier last week Microsoft announced the public preview of the VM Instance Metadata service. This service allows you to query information about a VM, from inside the VM itself, it’s something that has been available on AWS for a long time and has some really interesting uses for users or code runni

What Happened to the A Series?

I’ve seen quite a few forum posts of late asking something along the lines of “Why can’t I create A series VM’s any more” so I thought it worth a quick post to detail what’s up and how to fix it. The problem here is that if you use the Azure portal to create a VM and use the defaults provided, when

Ignite VM Update

At this weeks Ignite conference we’ve seen a number of new VM sizes either be announced or hinted at during the sessions. Here’s a quick update on the new machine types: H Series Designed for High Performance Computing (HPC), the H series VM’s are available in public preview in the South Central US