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Customer Initiated Storage Account Failover

From the early days of Azure, it has been possible to configure storage accounts to be geo-redundant. Geo-redundant storage is replicated 3 times in the local region and then a further 3 times in the paired region, so that should the primary region go down, data can be accessed in the secondary. The

Create Azure Storage Containers with ARM templates

A recent update to the ARM schema means you can now create Blob containers in your template. We're still waiting for tables, queues and shares, but this is a start. Unfortunately, the ARM reference docs don't seem to have been updated to show how to do this, so I'll show you how.

Backup for Azure Blob Storage

Recently I came across a question on StackOverflow that was asking about how they could backup Azure Blob storage. They finished this question asking I can’t be the only one who needs to do this”. This struck a chord with me, as I recall feeling exactly the same when I had a need to do this. It feel