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Using Linked Templates and Conditional Logic in ARM

Microsoft have now added first class conditions to the language so this workaround is no longer required. See this article on how to use this feature.** ARM Templates are a great tool for deploying complex sets of resources in Azure, however as it currently stands there is no concept of an “If” st

Protecting Azure Resources with Resource Manager Locks

Resource Manager Locks provide a way for administrators to lock down Azure resources to prevent deletion or changing of a resource. These locks sit outside of the Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) hierarchy and when applied will place the restriction on the resource for all users. These are very use

Outbound IP and Azure Resource Manager

It’s often necessary to configure Azure virtual machines to use a consistent outbound IP address, to connect to another resource with an IP based whitelist. In a classic cloud service based deployment this was easy, all of the VM’s in the cloud service used the cloud services IP for outbound traffic