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Creating Cosmos DB Resources using ARM Templates

We've just had an update to the Azure Resource Manager templates to allow us to create Cosmos DB resources. We are now able to deploy much more of our Cosmos setup with ARM templates, including databases, containers, graphs, namespaces and tables.

Generate SAS Tokens in ARM Templates

Microsoft recently updated the ARM template spec to allow the creation of SAS tokens inside a template. This is excellent news for anyone who is deploying resources with ARM templates that rely on storage accounts and need a SAS token to access them.

Do More With ARM Templates using Functions

ARM template functions allow you to perform simple operations directly on in your templates to transform values in your deployment. In this article we'll look at some less commonly used templates that can be really useful

Create Azure Storage Containers with ARM templates

A recent update to the ARM schema means you can now create Blob containers in your template. We're still waiting for tables, queues and shares, but this is a start. Unfortunately, the ARM reference docs don't seem to have been updated to show how to do this, so I'll show you how.