I’m available to speak at user groups, conferences and any other technical event on topics regarding Azure and Cloud in general. Previous Speaking engagements include:

  • Microsoft Ignite
  • SQL Saturday
  • Azure Saturday
  • UC & Cloud Day

Below are some examples of presentations I’ve given previously, I am also happy to develop new presentations if there is something you would like me speak on specifically.

Providing reliable SMB shares in Microsoft Azure

Many first applications move into Azure are a lift and shift operation utilizing Infrastructure as a Service. If this is a Windows application it will invariably require some sort of SMB file share, but the lack of shared storage in Azure can make providing resilient file services an issue. This presentation covers what options are available for SMB shares in Azure and the benefits and problems associated with these. This includes Azure Files, Storage Spaces Direct, DFSR and Storage Replica.

Duration: 30 -60 minutes depending on demos

Azure Functions and Automation: The SQL Agent in the cloud

Azure’s Platform as a Service solution, SQL Azure is a compelling solution for many who don’t want to manage their own highly available SQL implementation. SQL Azure, however, does not replicate all of the services of on-premises SQL, and one of those missing is the SQL Agent. This session looks at what alternatives exist for running and managing SQL jobs in Azure without SQL Agent. In particular we focus on Azure Automation and Azure Functions. The presentation includes a brief overview of the two services and how they are applicable to SQL workloads, followed by a demo of creating and running a SQL job.

Duration: 30 -60 minutes depending on demos

Azure Resource Manager Templates Tips, Tricks and Advanced Techniques

A technical discussion of some more advanced techniques to take your Azure Resource Manager templates to the next level. Covering techniques such as T-Shirt sizes, functions, outputs as well as tooling and testing. Intended for those who have used basic ARM templates to deploy Azure resources but now want to learn some more advanced techniques.

Duration: 45 -60 minutes

Testing Azure Infrastructure with Pester

When our infrastructure is defined as code it means we can test it like code! This presentation looks at using the popular PowerShell based testing framework Pester to test Infrastructure as Code, both before deployment to try and catch issues before they happen, and after deployment to validate you deployed what you expected.

Duration: 45 -60 minutes

Building an Infrastructure Pipeline

More and more IT Pros are moving to defining their environments in code form, both inside and outside Azure. This presentation talks about how techniques used by developers for years are now applicable to the world of infrastructure. With a focus on Azure we will look at source control, build, test and release management in an Infrastructure as Code world

Duration: 60 minutes