Speaking at ShareGate Deploy Virtual Conference

While we're not able to attend any in-person conferences at the minute, there are a whole load of virtual conferences being run to help you stay up to date.

This week, on May the 7th 2020, I'll be speaking live at the ShareGate Deploy virtual conference. This is full-day conference focussed on Azure, here's what the organisers say about it:

We know that the Azure community is better when we connect, share, and collaborate. Deploy aims to give you the knowledge you need to make the most of the tools available to you in Azure.

Deploy is a virtual event in which Azure experts share their experiences and insights to help you identify best practices to increase efficiency and visibility in the cloud.

Join any or all of the sessions to learn from—and interact directly with—the experts.

I'll be presenting a session entitled “ARM Template Tips, Tricks and Advanced Techniques”:

A technical discussion of some more advanced techniques to take your Azure Resource Manager templates to the next level. Covering techniques such as T-Shirt sizes, functions and testing as well as some brand new tools fresh into preview. Intended for those who have used basic ARM templates to deploy Azure resources but now want to learn more advanced techniques and overcome problems they may be facing.

If your using or learning ARM templates, this is a great session to see some more advanced use cases and tools in use. I'll be presenting live and answering questions after the session.

There are eight sessions in total, from MVP's and Microsoft, focussed around governance and deployments, running from 9 am to 5 pm EDT, 1 pm to 9 pm GMT. If you're interested in learning about topics such as Azure Governance, Security, Automation and Cost Management, then it is well worth your time to register. The event is free, and you register here.

Hopefully, I will see you there!