New Video Course - Pulumi for IT Pros

One of the Infrastructure as Code tools I often talk about on this blog is Pulumi. I’m a fan of its ability to use real programming languages toe define infrastructure and the flexibility this brings to what you can do during a deployment. The benefits of Pulumi for developers who need to deploy infrastructure are clear, but for IT Pros, who maybe don’t have so much experience in using programming languages, it can be intimidating.

I believe that Pulumi can be a great tool for developers and IT pros alike and so I’ve just kicked of a new video series on YouTube called “Pulumi for IT Pros”! This course starts with the basics and works up to some of the more advanced capabilities of Pulumi, but with a focus on IT pros who might have limited experience with true programming languages. Pulumi offers support for several different programming languages, in this course we’ll focus on using Python as its the closest option to a scripting language which you might be familiar with.

If your interested in Pulumi, whether your an IT pro or developer then this course will provide a good introduction, but if you’ve been holding back on using Pulumi because of it;s use of real programming languages then this course will hopefully help!

Episode 1 and 2 are available now and I’ll be aiming to release on a weekly schedule.