Completing your automated VM deployments with the DSC VM extension

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are a great resource for deploying Azure infrastructure, including virtual machines, in a declarative manner. However, using an ARM template to deploy a VM will only get you as far as having a VM deployed and the operating system installed and running. The next

Disaster Recovery for Azure VMS with Site Recovery

Disaster recovery is, or should be, a must for for many production applications. Having the ability to recover your application in a separate geographic location should a major incident occur is vital to the continued availability of your service. Microsoft have offered a DR service called Azure Sit

Conditions in ARM Templates - The Right Way!

At this months Build conference there where lot’s of new Azure announcements and in particular lots of new features for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. Ryan Jones. PM on ARM templates, did a breakout session talking about all this new functionality which is available now on channel 9. I want

ARM Template Deployments for MYSQL and PostgreSQl

Last week at build Microsoft announced a preview of MYSQL and PostgreSQL databases as a PaaS service running in Azure. Since then, we’ve not yet seen full documentation of the ARM templates required to deploy these, however some example templates did appear on Github a few days ago that provide enou

Azure App for iOS and Android

Today at the Build Conference, Microsoft announced the Azure Mobile app for iOS and Android (with a UWP app to come soon). I’ve had access to this app for a while during the preview and whilst it’s never going to replace the web portal for the majority of Azure work and has fairly limited functional

Using Linked Templates and Conditional Logic in ARM

Microsoft have now added first class conditions to the language so this workaround is no longer required. See this article on how to use this feature.** ARM Templates are a great tool for deploying complex sets of resources in Azure, however as it currently stands there is no concept of an “If” st