Microsoft Ignite Announcements

This week (24th to the 28th September) is Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference, which means lots of announcement about new Azure features. We’re going to dive into a number of these in detail over the next few weeks, but in this article, you can see a summary of the key announcements that relate to Azure. I’ll be updating this over the course of the week to add new announcements and to add links to services as the documentation gets released.

Azure Storage

Azure Compute

  • New VM SKU’s
    • DC - Confidential compute featuring Intel SGX Secure Enclave
    • NDv2 - Tesla v1000 GPU, 40 Core, 672 GB RAM for deep learning workloads
    • NVv2 - Tesla m60 GPU, Premium SSD, 448 GB RAM for visualisation workloads
    • HC - 3.7 GHz Skylake CPU, 100GB/s InfiniBand
  • Shared Image Gallery - Share custom images globally and cross subscription - preview
  • Azure Image Builder - Service for building custom images for use with - private preview
  • Azure Serial Console GA
  • Azure Confidential Computing - preview

Azure Containers

Azure Integration Services

Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Grid and API Management.

Azure App Service

Azure Databases

Azure Networking

Azure Management