Ignite VM Update

At this weeks Ignite conference we’ve seen a number of new VM sizes either be announced or hinted at during the sessions. Here’s a quick update on the new machine types:

H Series

Designed for High Performance Computing (HPC), the H series VM’s are available in public preview in the South Central US region today and will be rolled out to other regions soon. The H series contain the fastest processers of all Azure VM SKU’s as well having Infiniband networking. Full Specs are:

  • Intel E5-2667 V3 3.2 GHz (with turbo up to 3.5 GHz) CPU
  • DDR 4 Memory
  • SSD Storage
  • RDMA Network with Infiniband on some SKU’s

There are 6 different variants of the H series with variations on memory and networking:

L Series

The L series of VM’s was quietly mentioned in a VM update session and at present there is limited information on what they will look like other than that they are intended to provide large sized local SSD’s for workloads such as MYSQL.


Similar to the Dv2, the Av2 series will offer the same specification as the A series, but with newer CPU architecture.