Ignite Azure Update - Day 1

As expected, day 1 of Microsoft’s Ignite conference saw a large number of announcements across all products, including Azure. Below you’ll find my summary of Azure announcements I pulled in from the conference floor. There are a lot of quality of life announcements that didn’t necessarily make it into the Keynotes, but that could be a big deal if they impact you.

Also a quick reminder, if your at Ignite and have the time please feel to come see my sessions on Wednesday afternoon in community theatre 5, starting at 15.35. Come learn about hosting SMB shares in Azure or replacing SQL agent with functions or automation.

Azure Networking



Governance and Security

  • Azure Policy Center – Resource policies have now expanded into their own area, and added a lot more options. This includes things like requiring security center to be enabled, requiring the use of managed disks etc. – https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/azure-policy/
  • Management groups – the ability to group subscriptions together into a management group and apply policies and RBAC permissions at the group level. Can’t see any docs yet on this one.
  • Playbooks in Security Center – you can now have events in security centre trigger a logic app, so when you get an alert it can do something like email, post to teams, run an automation script etc. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-network/security-overview#augmented-security-rules


More announcements will be coming over the week and I’ll aim to detail these as soon as possible, we’ll also take a deep dive into some of these updates soon.