Bicep for Real Site Launched

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on YouTube series called Bicep for Real, which aims to help you learn the Bicep language whilst applying it to a real project and a real-world scenario. This series goes beyond just Bicep and covers version control, automated tests, CI/CD and automated deployments. The aim is for people to come away from this series not only with knowledge of the Bicep language but also how it applies to their projects and real-world workloads. So many existing training sessions focus on the language only and have you deploying different iterations of storage accounts, rather than looking at how to put this into practice in your workplace. This is what this project tries to address.

I’ve just wrapped up the last episode in the series, and with that, I have also created a new site to get you started and guide you through the series. You can find this at

Bicep for Real

So, if you’re looking to learn Bicep or would like to learn how to go to production using Bicep as your Infrastructure as Code language then please take a look at this course. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact me on twitter, leave comments on the YouTube video or raise an issue on the Bicep for Real GitHub Repo.