Azure Resource Manger Snippets for VSCode

I previously wrote about using VS Code for authoring Azure Resource Manger templates, in particular about using the snippets from the cross platform toolkit to create skeletons for many ARM resources. In this post I documented the manual installation process for these snippets, as there was not a VS Code extension to install these automatically. This is no longer the case, I have recently published a VS Code extension that takes these snippets (with attribution) and packages them up and makes them available in the VS Code marketplace for easy installation and updating.

You can find the extension on the marketplace here.

You can install the extensions by either searching for “ARM Snippets” in VS Code or pressing Ctrl+p and then entering “ext install arm-snippets”.

Once installed start typing “arm!” and you should then see a list of snippets you can use.

Available snippets include:

  • Skeleton ARM Template
  • Windows and Linux Virtual Machines
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure SQL
  • Virtual Networks, Subnets and NSG’s
  • Keyvault
  • Network Interfaces and IP’s
  • Redis
  • Application Insights

As these snippets come from the cross platform toolkit, which is out there on Github, if you want to get your own snippets included just submit a pull request to the toolkit and the plugin will get updated then they are approved.

If you want to make any changes to the plugin, feel free to submit a pull request to that repository.