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Windows Containers and Azure

Windows containers have many limitations when compared to their Linux counterparts, but if you have to use them then you need a place to host them. We'll look at what options are available in Azure for hosting Windows containers.

Customer Initiated Storage Account Failover

From the early days of Azure, it has been possible to configure storage accounts to be geo-redundant. Geo-redundant storage is replicated 3 times in the local region and then a further 3 times in the paired region, so that should the primary region go down, data can be accessed in the secondary. The

Building Packer Images with Azure DevOps

In this article we'll take the work we have done previously with Packer to build VM images, and setup an automated build process in VSTS to allow for regular, consistent image building. We'll take the code we used previously to create the image with Packer and configure it with DSC.

Generate SAS Tokens in ARM Templates

Microsoft recently updated the ARM template spec to allow the creation of SAS tokens inside a template. This is excellent news for anyone who is deploying resources with ARM templates that rely on storage accounts and need a SAS token to access them.