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Azure Instance Metadata and Scheduled Events

Earlier last week Microsoft announced the public preview of the VM Instance Metadata service. This service allows you to query information about a VM, from inside the VM itself, it's something that has been available on AWS for a long time and has some really interesting uses for users or

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Collect Log Analytics/OMS Data Across Subscriptions

Microsoft's Log Analytics platform, part of the OMS Suite, allows you to pull in and analyse data from a wide variety of source for your operational needs. One of these sources of data is from Azure Monitor, the monitoring solution built into the Azure platform. Azure Monitor is great on

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Authoring ARM Templates in Visual Studio Code

If your writing ARM templates for Azure you'll have found that the amount of tooling available for authoring templates is fairly limited. The default solution seems to be Visual Studio but this can be very heavyweight and resource intensive without gaining any of the real benefits of VS such as

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